Save Water & slash your water bill by saving up to 76.9% of water your toilet uses - Guaranteed

Discover an easier way to conserve water and save money. If you want to save water and cut your water bill, the Flush and Save Toilet Valve can help.

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An average flush takes about SIX litres of fresh water and shockingly, toilets account for 30% of all water consumption in a typical UK household. (Source: Waterwise).
But with the Flush and Save toilet valve, this volume can be reduced – significantly. 

That’s because this water-saving valve can cut the water consumption of a modern, dual-flush toilet by 50% (even more for toilets made pre-2001). So instead of needing six litres per flush, you’ll only need three.
And when your toilet uses 50% less water, your water bill will reduce too.

What is the Flush and Save Toilet Valve?

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Flush and Save is been designed and produced in the UK.
Its patented one-way, non-return valve opens so waste can leave, then immediately shuts to prevent the backflow of effluent. In turn, up to 50% less water is required to flush a toilet and keep it clean.   


How is the valve different to a Cistern Displacement Device (CDD)?


CDDs are NOT as effective as the Flush and Save Valve – here are three reasons why:

1.Save more water

CDDs are only suitable for use in toilets fitted before 2001. When used inside these older, 7.5 litre cisterns, a CDD can save just one litre per flush.

In comparison, the flush and Save valve CAN save water in any aged toilet – even modern dual-flush cisterns. Plus, the valve saves THREE litres per flush (not just one) – and the water savings are even greater for pre-2001 toilets.


2. Ensure your toilet flushes clean – every time

When you reduce the flush volume, it’s not uncommon for a toilet to NOT flush clean. In turn, you need to flush again (and so use MORE water, not less). This does not happen when you fit a Flush and Save valve. That’s because the patented one-way, non-return valve opens so waste can leave, then immediately shuts to prevent the backflow of effluent into the toilet.


3. Avoid backflow

With a reduced flushing force, there’s a greater risk that toilet waste may not move far enough down the waste pipe. In turn, this presents a backflow risk (especially when water levels become unusually high). This does not happen with the Flush and Save valve. That’s because the non-return valve keeps any effluent safely in the waste and away from property.

Other benefits

In addition, the Flush and Save Toilet Valve is…

Legally compliant: The valve complies with all UK legislation and does not interfere with the underground drainage network
Easy to install: The valve is so quick and easy to install, even a DIY enthusiast could do it.
No maintenance: No regular upkeep is required. In addition, the valve has a lifespan of 30+ years
An effective rodent-proofing solution: The non-return value prevents any rodents entering property from the sewers. In fact, this valve is the only product in the world that seals that last point of entry into domestic and commercial property from the sewer

What to do next?

If you’d like to save money by cutting water usage in your home or commercial premises, buy your Flush and Save Valve(s) today.  
Individual Flush and Save Toilet Valves retail at just £39.99, but generous discounts are available for bulk purchases.

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John Morrison, London icons/stars.png

Great product, easy to fit, works like magic. Better flush using less water
and saves me money too, really pleased, thank you.

Michael James, Birmingham icons/stars.png

Just fitted your flush & save valve. I must admit I was sceptical at first that
the toilet may not flush properly. My concerns were totally blown away,
the toilet actually now has a much improved flush performance. I’m
saving money, doing my bit for the environment and getting a better flush!
What more could I ask for, thanks.

Peter Jackson, Leeds icons/stars.png

Amazing, even my cigarette ends flush away first time. What a clever idea,
thanks Mark.

Chris Manning, Oxford icons/stars.png

Received the next day, did what it says on the tin A+++++++++

Mr Sahota, West Midlands icons/stars.png

This product will save me hundreds off my water bills in future. So good an idea
I wish I’d have thought of it myself.